ASM to Fight Cease & Desist on 'Fifty Shades' Parody

LOS ANGELES — Adult Source Media has disclosed it has been served with a Cease & Desist Order from the law firm representing author E.L. James and her best-selling erotic novel series, Fifty Shades of Grey, to immediately halt production of its adult film parody of the novel.

Adult Source Media's legal counsel has responded, reminding the author's representatives that Adult Source Media's upcoming project does not violate any intellectual property rights. As explained by ASM's lawyers, "the naked truth is, the adult film industry is not excluded from the protections of the fair use doctrine."

Adult Source Media has vowed to protect its right to produce an adults only takeoff of what the book world has christened, "Mommy Porn."

"The literary world, be it publishers, book agents or the press, have proclaimed a new genre in the romance novel sector and have christened it 'Mommy Porn,'" said ASM President Wendy Crawford. "The book industry has seized this explosive opportunity in order to generate worldwide renown, acceptance and most importantly, publicity, targeting the largest purchasing demographic — professional women.

"For Fifty Shades of Grey's attorneys to now ask us to put the brakes on this project smacks of hypocrisy. Consumers, particularly women, should be able to visually experience and enjoy an adult film spoofing an interpretation of a currently popular book."

Crawford seems confident that the film will be released.

"We've received hundreds of emails since announcing our plans," Crawford said. "Ninety-nine percent have been positive feedback from women who can't wait to see Ana and Christian's sex scenes re-enacted on film from the perspective of a woman, which is key to honoring the wishes of the female fans. We intend on doing our best to fulfill those fantasies."