Appoints Ian Rath Head of Video Marketing

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. — announced today that it has named Ian Rath as head of Video Marketing to enhance the online distributor’s retail support with a series of product education and general information videos.

The company said Rath brings decades of video production experience, as well as intimate knowledge of the myriad sexual lifestyles to which the adult market caters.

Rath is an Internet veteran, having produced, directed and starred in hundreds of professional bondage and dom/sub scenes and taught various workshops and classes within the sex education realm.

He will play a key role in the company’s retail support base by creating "concise and entertaining video clips" that offer its customers the key points and product features essential to making a sale.

“I’m excited to be part of the SexToyDistributing family,” Rath said. “Producing educational videos is going to be a key part of my job, as well as creating short informational videos explaining products. The more knowledge consumers have the better choices they’ll make — and as a result, they’ll be more willing to act on their fantasies.”

The new videos will be viewable online at the company's YouTube channel as well as its own website's video section.

“This video series is for anyone looking to learn something new or augment their existing knowledge with tips, tricks and details about changing technologies and evolving sexual trends,” company representative Beth Brown said.

She added, “There’s always more to learn — the more you know about adult products, the more comfortable you are using and selling them.”

Guest speakers are also on tap to make the educational videos more valuable to the company's retail support base.

Rath can be reached via email at