Catholic League Spams Nude Photo to 'Daily Show' Advertisers

NEW YORK — The Catholic League may not be an assembly of DC superheroes, but the Roman Catholic civil rights organization will act faster than a speeding bullet if its Christian sensibilities are anywhere near being offended.

The group's latest nemesis is comedian Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's Emmy Award winning late night program "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart." 

Trouble between the two began on April 16 when the show took aim at Fox News for turning a blind eye to current GOP efforts to repeal equal pay and health care rights for women. Stewart roasted the network with a "War on Women" monologue that at one point included an image of a nude female with a Christmas manger in between her legs.

The Catholic League immediately lambasted Stewart for his "vulgar attack on Christians" and for objectifying women. When the group did not receive the apology it demanded from Stewart, it launched a brow-raising boycott campaign against the show's sponsors.

Choosing to fight fire with fire, Catholic League President Bill Donohue had screen captures of the offending image sent to "Daily Show" advertisers, insisting that they pull their ads.

According to, Delta Airlines was the first to accede. Delta spokeswoman Leslie Parker told the site, "We are constantly evaluating our advertising strategy and at this time no longer advertise during The Daily Show." Parker also said that the airline's decision had nothing to do with ""any opinions expressed" on the program. 

Donohue, meanwhile, has claimed victory for the Catholic League and is now setting his sights on a new "Daily Show" sponsor.

"Today, all the top management at Kellogg’s will receive a color photo of a naked woman with her legs spread and a nativity scene ornament in between," he announced today on the group's website. "Let’s see if that jars them. Over 700 photos have been sent to leaders in Battle Creek, Michigan."