AMKingdom's 'Revenge of the Petites' to Ship May 9

John Sanford

LOS ANGELES — AMKingdom's anticipated feature "Revenge of the Petites" will now ship on May 9, Exile Distribution announced Thursday.

Exile co-owner Howard Levine said the demand for the title caused the ship date to be pushed back a week.

"Due to the incredible response for pre-orders we were caught shorthanded," Levine said. "So everyone can get it on the same date, we have delayed shipment to anyone while we replicate more sets. The initial run was sold out in pre-orders to the East Coast the first day. Again no pieces were shipped.

"A big shout out to all the distributors for recognizing that this is a super blockbuster and will be the film of the year. While the parody market is waning, the call for original scripted blockbusters is very strong."

"Revenge of the Petites" is a three-disc set; the first disc is the complete movie with a cast of 19 girls and four guys; the second disc is 12 all new scenes from AMKingdom; and the third disc consists of behind-the-scenes, interviews and extended scenes."

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