Adult Star Savanna Samson on ABC TV's '20/20' Tonight

NEW YORK — MILF star Savanna Samson is the subject of a profile on ABC TV’s "20/20" news program tonight.

The show delves into Samson’s role as porn star, mother and businessperson, and tells how she transitioned from being a dancer at Score’s strip club to the world of porn at the suggestion of her estranged husband and father of her 10 year-old son.

Samson, whose real name is Natalie Oliveros, said her then husband-to-be wanted her to make a porn video for him as a wedding gift.  Although she initially balked at the idea, once the cameras started to toll, Samson said she caught “porn fever.”

"I figured, I can make this one and only movie, and no one will ever hear about it," she said. I [had] the bug, you know, can't wait to do it again," she said.

The report goes on to highlight Samson’s career over the last decade that includes more than 80 adult tiles including “The Devil in Miss Jones: The Resurrection.”

Samson’s success outside of porn was also highlighted. The show talks about the wine business venture she undertook some years ago with a Tuscany vintner that yielded her own Savanna Samson label.

"A lot of times, when I first launched with this Savanna line, it was like, 'Haha, right, you know: Porn star wine give me a break,'" she said.

But once her wine received a 91 rating from wine guru Robert Parker, her business flourished.

"I have to go forth as a business woman and not use my body to get what I want," she said. That's always a challenge for me.”

But the 44-year old didn’t downplay her adult celebrity and maintained that although she’d be “devastated” if her son saw some of her performances online, she credited porn for her good fortune.

Samson told ABC, "I'm a porn star, yes ... and I don't mind that title. ... It's given me a life of luxury and success," she said. "I was, you know, born to do this.

"I'm just an entertainer, and this is how I choose to entertain," she said. "And, morally speaking, that's what's confusing about me, is that I do have morals. And yet, it's contradictory, I guess, by the industry I'm in."

The show airs at 10 p.m ET/PT tonight on the ABC television network.