2nd Episode of NakedSword's 'Stalker' Now Live

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals has released the second episode of "Stalker," a mini-series exclusively on membership site NakedSword.com.  

"The Drive," shot in the San Francisco Bay Area, stars Phillip Aubrey and Robert Axel and features BelAmi Superstar Brady Jensen.

"Gorgeous men, stunning outdoor videography in one of the most beautiful natural locations in the U.S., 'Stalker' is unlike anything else online, being full of hot sex and an A-list cast, as well as an engaging storyline with real cliffhanger moments that will keep you coming back for more each week," NakedSword said in marketing materials.

Picking up where "The Move" left off, "The Drive" finds Jensen on edge by the hang-up phone calls and mysterious letters he keeps receiving.  His agent, played by Axel, and a photographer from his agency, played by Aubrey, try to take his mind off everything by taking him for a ride along the picturesque Northern California coast in a convertible.  The sex takes off from there.

Director mr. Pam was so focused on getting the best possible footage, the studio said, that the cast and crew had a run-in with both park rangers and the California Highway Patrol

"Behold the lengths NakedSword will go so that it can take its members 'beyond porn' and deliver more than just a sex scene," the studio said.

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