'Skinema' Debuts on VICE.com

NEW YORK — “Skinema,” a new web series focusing on the adult industry has debuted on alternative news website, VICE.com today.

The brainchild of VICE columnist and BurningAngel contributor Chris Nieratko, "Skinema" “promises to give a behind-the-scenes look into the lives of some of the most successful and renowned people in porn.”

Nieratko directs the series that takes the same name as his column.

“For more than a decade I've been ‘reviewing’ porn for VICE in my Skinema column. (It spawned a VICE book of the same name.) It all began back at the turn of the century when I was an editor at Larry Flynt's ‘Big Brother’ skateboarding magazine. I entrenched myself in the seedy and sexy world of porn stars I'd meet in the elevator heading upstairs to Hustler,” he said on the VICE website.

The first four-part episode features porn star Kimberly Kane, who was shot for VICE’s Girls of Hollywood feature in its Showbiz Issue.

Following installments focus on BurningAngel founder Joanna Angel and performer/director Belladonna.

“She was nearly choked to death her first time on a porn set," Nieratko said of Kane. "She’s been coming to work, without fail, ever since."

Kane said in an iChat interview on the site that she grew up in the sex industry and comes from a long line of family sex workers.

When asked if she'd ever turn her back on porn as some other mainstream hopefuls do, Kane said, "In time I might not do a scene, I'll be fat and old but I'll never hate on my family."