Jet Set Men Wrap ’21 Jump Street' Parody

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Jet Set Men announced today that it has wrapped production on "21 Hump Street," a parody of Columbia Pictures' hit comedy-actioner "21 Jump Street."

The spoof stars Riley Price and Jason Goodman as a pair of bumbling undercover narcs assigned to infiltrate a high school drug ring spearheaded by dealer Kris Jamison, manufacturer of a synthetic chemical called HFS (Horny Fucking Shit).

"21 Hump Street" costars Steve Stiffer, Robert Axel, Bryce Staras and Doug Acres as a young student who has reached the Homo-Blast level of HFS intoxication. Porn icon Ron Jeremy also appears in a non-sex cameo.

"The entire cast delivered epic laughter-inducing and sweat dripping scenes," Jet Set Casting Director Rob Romoni said. "This is the type of production that hits all the right spots and secures Jet Set Men as the leader of gay porn parodies."

Chris Steele, director of "To Fuck a Predator" and "Jersey Score," helmed the project, which is slated for release this summer.