Naughty Tweet, MyPhoneSite Partner for VoIP Integration

Bob Johnson

LAS VEGAS — The Naughty Tweet Network, parent company of, and phone chat provider announced today their partnership to capitalize on each other’s respective technologies.

Naughty Tweet said its network of sites will closely integrate with the next generation of VoIP technology provided by MyPhoneSite’s platform to “bring consumers and adult industry performers together in an intimate way.”

“The core definition of social media is to be social. The adult entertainment industry is required to be more social than many others and that extends to personal interactions between talent and consumers at events, online via webcam and chat, email and more. Consumers want to know the stars — what kind of coffee they order, their favorite restaurant, etc.,” Naughty Tweet CEO Pete Housley said at Internext recently.

Company COO TJ Little added, “For more that three years we’ve been bleeding the edge for the adult industry in social media. While webcam has continued to grow exponentially there is still a unique intimacy and privacy in telephone conversations — it is an important part of being ‘social’ and the integration of such capabilities with our platform is important to us.”

The two companies are planning to collaborate and develop features for porn stars and talent from all adult niches to generate additional revenue through the use of automated social media tools; as well as a host of value-add services like the ability for stars to record and get paid for consumer subscriptions to daily wake up voicemails.

“We are delighted to be working with The Naughty Tweet Network, who are masters of their craft.  The combination of our global VoIP platform and their social media skills is a powerful one,” Marc Jarrett of MyPhoneSite said.

Little added, “We looked at a number of potential partners in the VoIP space but none offered the flexibility and scalability afforded by MyPhoneSite’s technology.

“We wanted to endorse and promote a company who was a proud member of the adult entertainment Industry and not risk working with companies dabbling in adult as a ‘guinea pig’ while their true aspirations were mainstream. We’re very excited to bring a new aspect to social media and to offer new income opportunities for porn stars and talent from all aspects of the industry.”