Gay Talent Agencies Group Formed

Dan Miller

LOS ANGELES — An industry association called Gay Talent Agencies Group (GTAG) has formed with founding members that include Pacific Blue Agency, FabScout Entertainment, Adult Models USA, and Baileey Productions.

The formation of GTAG came about after meetings at The Phoenix Forum. The group said the time has come for the gay adult industry "to up its game and work together to bring a new level of professionalism to our industry."

"By forming GTAG, all of the founding members are proving their personal commitment to that new level of professionalism and wholeheartedly believe that all models and studios will benefit from this new organization," said Jaime Clark, president of Los Angeles-based Pacific Blue Agency.

Howard Andrew, president of Fort Lauderdale-based FabScout Entertainment remarked, "Our mission statement from the beginning, nearly 10 years ago, has remained the same. We are all about treating the models fair and making sure the models are treating the studios fair. Through GTAG, we at FabScout, feel we can accomplish that, and more and make it an easier road for all of us to travel. We look forward to a new level of communication and openness with all parties involved, and for GTAG to grow with more members in the future."

Stephan Sirard, president of Adult Models USA, added, "I think the creation of the GTAG was important to all of us in the gay industry. This new association provides a place for thoughts and ideas to flow freely. It's easier to move things forward when you have consensus. GTAG is a forum for industry participants to join in discussions about how to improve conditions for agencies and the models they represent. It will bring the professionalism to the industry that is so needed."

Baileey, president of Baileey Productions in Fort Lauderdale, agreed, saying "I believe starting GTAG is the best thing to happen to the gay industry in a very long time. This will benefit not only the agencies but the studios and models."

The Gay Talent Agencies Group (GTAG) is an industry association proactively representing the interests of its members and is designed to serve the needs of the gay adult model and talent agency industry by striving to achieve acceptable best practices in the industry.

Through ongoing networking, educational, and professional development programs, GTAG is committed to improving ethics under which members operate their companies and increase awareness about issues that impact the models they represent, the studios to which they provide models and to the adult industry in general.

GTAG is an all volunteer group and is administered by a Board of Directors comprised of senior executives from gay adult model and talent agencies that have a combined total of over 50 years of industry experience and are still active in their respective companies.

For more information about GTAG, contact