OLB Media Launches New Affiliate Site MaleRevenue.com

CAMBRIDGE, Ma. — OLB Media LLC, provider of site management services for several gay porn sites including OntheHunt.com, Maverickmen.com, FraternityX.com, and StraightMen.com, launched its new affiliate site MaleRevenue.com.

“For more than four years we’ve managed our sites under our nats.OnTheHunt.com program, which was often confusing to affiliates so we decided to put all of our sites together in one larger site to make things easier for our affiliates,” company webmaster Gary Blumenthal said.

In addition to the MaleRevenue site, new features have been added including a $30 PPS program for MaverickMen.com, a 60 percent revenue share program for StraightMen.com, a new payment system, a new consolidated affiliate email with updates and marketing material for all of the sites, as well as several new affiliate tools.

The company said affiliates don’t need to make any changes to their accounts or link codes.

“We are excited to be making our company and our sites more affiliate friendly and we look forward to adding more sites to our portfolio in the very near future,” Blumenthal said.