Asks, 'Have You Ever Been Unfaithful?'

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — recently asked more than 1,000 adults if they had ever cheated on a partner in a monogamous relationship. Twenty-seven percent admitted they had.

A significant number (61 percent) of American adults say they have never cheated on their partner, and 11 percent either refused to answer or said they were not in a relationship. When these same respondents were asked if they had ever been cheated on, 28 percent admitted they had, 60 percent said they had not, and 12 percent either refused to answer or were not in a relationship.

Adam & Eve's resident sex expert, Dr. Kat Van Kirk, finds the figures encouraging. The web-based poll was conducted by an independent third party survey company.

"Many similar surveys in years' past show the numbers much higher," Van Kirk said. "Incidentally, statistics show that infidelity often increases when economic stress increases. I find it optimistic that couples are staying faithful even during these trying times."

Chad Davis, director of marketing for Adam & Eve adds that the company has seen record sales over the past few years.

"Perhaps more couples have opted to bring Adam & Eve's more risque items into their relationship rather than risk their relationship through cheating," Davis said.