Marc Dorcel Reports Strong 2011 Growth

Bob Johnson

PARIS — Adult producer Marc Dorcel reported strong company growth of 10 percent in 2011 along with net sales exceeding $33 million.

The company said its sales have doubled since 2007.

”We are thrilled with our excellent results," said CEO Gregory Dorcel. “Our brand is incredibly strong, and Marc Dorcel has some amazing new products in the pipeline which we will be glad to develop worldwide.”

The company attributes its growth to its innovation and diversification strategy, as well as a constant revitalization of an already strong brand.

Dorel noted that since 1979 it has evolved by launching "new and daring projects," particularly within the past few years.

In 2010 Dorcel the company premiered its extensive 3D catalogue with 200 exclusive  programs especially designed for 3D and produced with state-of-the-art recording technologies (3D cameras, side by side, full HD).

It also  launched 3D IPTV and SVOD platforms, adding to its 2D turnkey SVOD solutions (production, aggregation, distribution, technical support, platform management) that's  already developed in 24 countries with 65 TV operators.

In 2011, the company also unveiled the Dorcel App for Smart TV especially developed and designed for TV manufacturers. The app allows viewers to access Dorcel content from their TV screens.

Dorcel said the app is now being developed with the TV manufacturers in The Netherlands, Korea and in Japan to allow distribution to TVOD and SVOD connected TVs in Europe.

Other milestones in its history included its European VOD rollout in 2002 — — with more than 50 international studios including Digital Playground —  “MyDorcel,” the first film (“Mademoiselle de Paris”) to be produced by 1,000 web fans, and the DorcelTV softcore channel that debuted in 2006, that now boasts more than 60 operators in 30 countries and more than 1 million subscribers.

The company has also diversified with European adult concept stores ”dedicated to pleasure.” The 4th Dorcel Store in France opened its doors in March, 2011.  Designed for couples, the stores offer more than 3,000 adult products.

Plans are on tap to open 50 more stores in coming years and bolster its line of  “classy” Marc Dorcel sex toys.

Dorcel also ventured into publishing in 2008 with the monthly Dorcel Mag that’s distributed in France with a circulation of 30,000 issues.

“With our magazine, our high quality TV channel, our chain of sexy concept stores, our collection of stylish sextoys and our soft production unit, we have settled our company in all different sectors of the adult industry, making it a major player of the sector and a global media group,” Dorcel said.

Another key to its success, according to the company, is its strong, luxury branding. Part of the strategy was to rethink its visual identity by designing a new logo that Dorcel said “reaffirms high quality pornography that constantly evolves with its audience and redefines the standard of its category.”