Nalpac Releases 2012 Super Catalog

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac has released its new 538-page 2012 Super Catalog, featuring all of Nalpac’s almost 20,000 available items and displaying the company’s new logo.

The release of the 2012 Super Catalog coincides with the launch of Nalpac’s new website, 2.0. The two have been created to work cohesively together, with all Nalpac items re-categorized in matching categories from website to catalog. The new 2012 Super Catalog features QR codes linking customers directly to the corresponding category section on

 “Our catalog is very important to us and to our customers,” said Ralph Caplan, Nalpac’s owner and CEO. “We realize that more and more of our customers prefer to shop online (thus 2.0), but we also know that many of our customers prefer to shop the more traditional way, with a catalog that they can flip through and examine products. Still others combine catalog shopping with our website in our Quick Shopping Cart or Upload Order options. We know that no matter how our customers shop, they will be happy with the new catalog.”

Glenn LeBoeuf, Nalpac’s director of operations, said, “The cover of the new catalog features Nalpac’s new logo front and center. We are thrilled about our new cohesive look and hope that it will create brand-recognition across the industry.”

In addition to being available in hard-copy format, the 2012 Super Catalog is available on, on a flash drive, or on a CD.

Nalpac’s 2012 Super Catalogs are shipping to customers this month.