Raging Stallion Releases 'Fucked Up'

SAN FRANCISCO — Raging Stallion Studios announced that it has released the feature “Fucked Up” introducing newcomer exclusive Derek Parker.

The release is the first film featuring Parker and showcases intense and hardcore scenes in a sex club.

A collaborative effort from the studio's major directors (Chris Ward, Tony Dimarco, Steve Cruz and Bruno Bond), “Fucked Up” also stars Spencer Reed, Jimmy Durano, Jessie Colter, Drake Jaden and Trey Turner, and features the U.S. adult debut of Australian Mathew Mason.

"'Fucked Up’ is Raging Stallion doing what Raging Stallion does best: non-stop, man-on-man action that will keep a smile on your dick for weeks,” Ward said. ‘Fucked Up’ is an unbridled winner."

These aggressive men take out their sexual tension on each other with the Raging Stallion cameras there to catch all the action.

"It was awesome working with all the studio’s top directors, our new discovery Derek Parker and the rest of these talented performers,” Ward said.

“Having this no-holds-barred fuck fest turn out this amazing is a testament to the talent we have working with our studio. I’m so thrilled with ‘Fucked Up,’ and I think it’s so great that we’re going to offer a 100 percent money back guarantee. If fans do not like this movie for any reason, they can simply call us for a full refund.”

The movie opens with an orgy and closes with a group fuckathon.

“Fucked Up” is available in retail stores and online at the Raging Stallion store.