Titan Star François Sagat Debuts Music Video, Doc Johnson Mold

FRANCE — Titan Media exclusive François Sagat collaborated with photographer Franck Glenisson to produce a music video for his singing debut "Hades," a French duet with Helmut Newton model Sylvia Göbbel.

Glenisson told Têtu.com that the song "tells the suicide of François who, by being drowned in the Seine, will find the corpse of Sylvia. By meeting, both will decide to change their destinies, to go against death."

Sagat, who has played bit parts in Hollywood films such as "SAW 6" and is an avid amateur illustrator, said he was proud of his latest endeavor and not overly concerned about public perception.

"Porn has taught me tolerance. If this project is unwelcome, it does not matter," he said. "I [go to] the next project. At the end of May, I leave for a workshop in Mexico City. I'll give drawing lessons."

Sagat went on to say that his porn career is "on standby" because “I no longer want."

Fans, however, can still get their fill of Sagat with Doc Johnson's new François Sagat Ass, a full-sized masturbator molded from the award-winning performer's rear and made with Johnson's ultra-realistic, UR3 material.

Sagat can also be seen in Titan Media's recently released "Incubus 2: The Final Chapter," a sequel to his directorial debut.

To see the "Hades" music video, go here.