Doc Johnson Unveils 6 Trailers for Upcoming WonderLand Luxury Line

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson has released six whimsical product trailers, each designed to give fans a first look “down the rabbit hole” by promoting a different feature of Doc Johnson’s upcoming WonderLand line of luxury silicone massagers.

The videos are available at

Each video showcases a different WonderLand toy, including The White Wabbit, The Kinky Kat, The Pleasure Pillar, The Heavenly Heart and The Mystical Mushroom.

Designed by Doc Johnson’s in-house art department, the videos are visually stunning — representing a leap forward for the adult novelty industry, the company said.

“Sex toys have moved into the 21st century, and our fan base has evolved with the times,” Doc Johnson COO Chad Braverman said. “Now, consumers respond to ingenuity and ideas that wouldn’t have worked ten, twenty years ago - which is why we’ve received such an overwhelmingly positive response to our WonderLand line. These 10-function silicone massagers are whimsical and refreshing — the video teasers truly capture the WonderLand feel. We are extremely excited to be releasing them early this summer.”

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