Swiss Navy Lube Products Now Available at Walgreens

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLa. — Swiss Navy Lube, a division of MD Science Lab, has announced its products are now available at Walgreens drugstores across the country.

The products include a special limited edition bottle of both the silicone and water based Swiss Navy Lube available exclusively at Walgreens. The store will also carry the Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner.

“There’s a reason Walgreens chose to secure this deal with Swiss Navy,” said Jason Sechrest, head of public relations for MD Science Lab and Swiss Navy Lube.

“After 12 years in this business, we remain not only the best but also the safest. There is no question that Walgreens is the ultimate, the zenith of drugstores and it’s an honor to be able to widen the distribution of our product line with them.”

Walgreens operates in more than 8,000 locations across the U.S.

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