Jenna Jameson 'Jacked' in 'Grand Theft Auto' Tell-All Book

Nelson Ayala

NEW JERSEY — Gaming journalist David Kushner’s new unauthorized book “Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto” documents the rise of Rockstar Games’ controversial “GTA” franchise.

It also provides plenty of humorous anecdotes about the game’s celebrity vocal talent, including former adult star Jenna Jameson.

Jameson, who according to Kushner’s research was paid $5000 to voice the character of Candy Suxxx, a porn star and former prostitute, in “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” showed up to the gig with her father in tow.

The unexpected guest made game developers Dan Houser and Navid Khonsari uncomfortable as they were set to motion capture the starlet as she feigned intercourse on her back.

Jameson, however, suffered no qualms about simulating sex in front of her father and even had some fun at the developers’ expense when their sheepishness hindered them from asking her to do what they wanted.

Kushner writes Houser as saying, “Sound like you’re happy! Like you’re having a great time! Sound like you’re eating a chocolate bar,” to which Jameson deadpanned, “So it’s supposed to be kind of like sex, or like I’m eating a chocolate bar?”

“Jacked: The Outlaw Story of Grand Theft Auto” is published by Wiley. To read excerpts from the book, including the rest of the Jameson story, go here.