Private Media Group Taps Charles Prast as CEO

BARCELONA — Charles Prast, a former Private Media Group president and CEO, will once again take on those titles at the company.

Prast has been appointed by Private's board of directors as the company’s president, CEO and interim CFO, according to a filing with regulators today.

Prast takes over the top slot held by Private's Sureflix division's president, Eric Johnson, who had been carrying out the responsibilities of CEO and CFO during a long and contentious shareholder and creditor rights battle.

The Securities and Exchange Commission filing  also confirms that Berth Milton had been "terminated" as the company’s president and CEO. Milton had been on indefinite suspension since mid December.

Prast, 45, is an industry veteran with more than 10 years in the adult biz, most recently as senior vice president at New Frontier Media.

He joined Private in 2002 as CEO and president and left in late 2003 to pursue a Penthouse acquisition independently with financing from adult brand Beate Uhse.

Later, he joined Interactive Brand Development and structured an investment in XTV, an adult-oriented IPTV service. He later renamed the business Interactive Television Network and added mainstream content, including sporting events.

In other Private news, the company said it  appointed Michael Kotov and John Wirt as members of the board of directors. 

Wirt and Kotov were appointed to the audit committee of the board; Kotov also has been appointed to the compensation committee of the board.