Screaming O RingO Appears on U.K. TV Show

Ariana Rodriguez

LOS ANGELES —  The Screaming O made a surprise guest appearance on the telly with U.K. comedy talk show “Celebrity Juice,” when host Keith Lemon handed his puzzled co-host Holly Willoughby a few RingOs without telling her what exactly she was holding.

During a live comedy segment, Willoughby, wearing sound-canceling headphones, attempted to read Lemon’s lips as he handed her several brightly packaged RingOs. Unable to hear his, “They’re penis rings — you put your penis in them,” warning, Willougby promptly opened a red ring and took a bite before realizing what she’d just put in her mouth.

“I think it’s for your pleasure more than ours,” Lemon joked.

Willoughby promptly handed the RingOs back to Lemon suggesting that he might benefit from using one himself. So, as a good TV show host should, he pretended to stretch one on — with his back turned for modesty’s sake, of course.

“The Screaming O is known around the world for bringing a fun, fresh attitude into the bedroom, and it’s an honor to have our RingO guest star on an award-winning comedy show like ‘Celebrity Juice,’” The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano said. “Though chewing them won’t get the kind of results you’re looking for, try stretching one on right before foreplay — you’ll be amazed at what pops up.”

To view the clip, click here.

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