Gina Lynn's Twitter Account Hacked by Racist Crazie

NEW YORK — Adult star Gina Lynn’s Twitter account has been hacked and smeared with swastikas and racist messages.

Lynn told the N.Y. Post that the perpetrator told her that he’d only release her account if she  agreed to a 30-minute Skype session with him.

The understandably upset star said she's bewildered as to who the crazie is, but that her fans “are freaking out.”

“I have no idea who it is. Maybe a disgruntled fan? Sometimes they can get very weird. He’s changed all my passwords,” she said.

Lynn and her estranged husband have notified the police, but the hacker's identity is still unknown.

Apparently Lynn's account was deactivated and a new account @Gina_Lynn_ has been set up.

Penthouse magazine is working with Lynn — who appears on the cover of the April issue — to restore her original Twitter account.