Katsuni Stars in Music Video

LOS ANGELES XBIZ Award-winning performer Katsuni stars in a new music video for French director Raphaël Carlier for the band The Electronic Conspiracy.

The song is called "The Conspiracy Strip Club" from the album "Nuits blanches," and features the French-Vietnamese starlet doing a sultry feature dance performance. Katsuni said the director contacted her a few months ago.

"I receive quite often this kind of request," Katsuni told XBIZ. "I already performed in three different music videos many years ago. One was a famous hip-hop singer in France, another one a famous singer in Spain, and another one for a rock band in Belgium. Since, I never found the motivation to do another one. But to be honest, I totally fell in love with this song."

Katsuni said the project simply called for her to dance on stage while the cameras rolled.

"Then I was free to say what I wanted or not, to dress the way I wanted and create my own routine around the pole," she said. "We all trusted each other and in the end, we are all very happy of the result!"

Katsuni, the 2012 XBIZ Award-winner of the Crossover Star of the Year honor, is well-known in her native France from numerous mainstream TV appearances and magazine covers. She promised this latest mainstream project is just a taste of what's still to come.

"This is what I like to do: using my name and my experience in porn to participate in these kind of projects," she said. "But also doing things totally different and taking some new risks."

To view the video, click here.