Glow Industries Brings Viva La Vape Vaporizers to Specialty Market

PERRYSBURG, Ohio – Glow Industries has created Viva La Vape, a full line of vaporizers and matching accessories.

The company said the line is designed to make it easy and affordable for adult and specialty boutiques across the country to supplement their smoke sections with an aromatic alternative to traditional smoking gear.

The Viva La Vape collection features the Guerilla, the Resistance and the Revolt, three top-quality vaporizers that turn tobacco and herbs into aromatic vapor – not smoke. This technique is said to diminish the harmful effects of smoking and helps create a pleasant atmosphere for those within the vicinity.

“Vaporizing is a growing trend that is thought to be a safer way to smoke as you are eliminating tar and other harmful combustibles,” Glow Industries Vice President of Sales and Purchasing, Brian Nupp, said. “Though these claims have not yet been proven, they make vaporizers useful in places where there are public bans on smoking. The result is a cooler, cleaner, more flavorful and more concentrated effect.”

This is achieved by a special mechanism within the vaporizer that gently heats the tobacco or herb to around 180 degrees, which produces harmful byproducts. The company said the result is a pleasant water-based vapor infused with the chosen substance’s active ingredients. And Glow said that Viva La Vape is "the only line of affordable vaporizers ideal for first-time users and those looking for a more mindful way to smoke on a budget."

“Because we are both a manufacturer and distributor, we are able to go direct from the manufacturing source to the retail store,” Glow Industries CEO Jason Glowacki said. “By cutting out a middleman we are able to control costs and establish prices below market while maintaining the quality and brand image for which Glow is known.”

Each vaporizer features a digital readout, custom hand and mouth pieces, grinders and cleaners, and the Viva La Vape line will soon be supplemented with new product designs.

Posters, T-shirts and stickers promoting the brand are available now.

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Glow Industries has manufactured top-selling glass smoking and lifestyle accessories and distributed hundreds of products for outside importers and manufacturers for more than a decade. The company broke into the adult toy market in 2002 by designing and producing intimate products and accessories out of the same high quality material to create the Don Wands brand. Glow has since established itself as a leader in the adult novelty and smoke accessory markets offering top-notch products at competitive and economical price points with speed and accuracy.