Alana Evans' Lords of Acid Song Released

LOS ANGELES — Alana Evans' new song from Lords of Acid called “Pop That Tooshie” was released today along with two different remixes.

The song, from Lords of Acid's new "Deep Chills" album, marks the professional singing debut of the popular adult star. It is available via MP3 on the Metropolis Records website as well as on

"The Exageist remix of 'Pop That Tooshie' is expected to do really well since it is the dubstep remix," Evans said. "A new music video was filmed just for the remix over the weekend by Royalty X Films and director Chris Evans."

The dubstep music video features Evans, Missy Martinez, Daisy Dare, Kiki D'aire, Nadia Night, and others and will be released with the promotion of the album on April 10.

"Deep Chills" is the first album from Lords of Acid in almost 12 years. The Belgian techno band debuted in 1988 and has built an international following thanks to sexually charged dance tracks such as “I Sit On Acid,” “Pussy” and “Little Mighty Rabbit."

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