Fugitive Penthouse Pet Simone Farrow Arrested

SYDNEY — Simone Farrow, the former Penthouse Pet and Ed Hardy swimsuit model accused of heading an international drug ring, was arrested last week in Australia after being on the run since February.

Farrow, who had skipped out on a $150,000 bail paid by friends, was caught at a Golden Coast hotel in Queensland, Australia, on Wednesday and extradited to Sydney.

The 37-year-old Aussie, who claims to have had "relationships with numerous underworld figures," told the Sunday Telegraph, "The only reason I've done this is because someone was trying to murder me. I wasn't trying to flee the country at all. I was trying to protect myself from being killed or harmed."

Farrow was first arrested in 2009 after Drug Enforcement Administration officials seized evidence allegedly placing her at the top of crystal meth distribution ring during a raid of her Hollywood apartment. According to the DEA, Farrow hid the methamphetamines in packages of bath salts and had them shipped globally from her home utilizing FedEx and postal services. 

Farrow is best known for her numerous Ed Hardy bikini campaigns. She was also Australian Penthouse’s September 2007 Pet of the Month.