JWOWW Sports Electric Lingerie Halter on 'Jersey Shore'

NEW YORK — Last week’s episode of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” featured cast member JWOWW donning Electric Lingerie’s Slinky Halter Top as part of a sexy outfit to wear for her boyfriend Roger on their one-year anniversary.

After a trip to the Love Shack adult boutique and decorating the “Smoosh Room” with rose petals, handcuffs and toys, including a Screaming O vibrating ring, JWOWW greets Roger at the door wearing Electric Lingerie style number CL106, a cropped pink slinky halter with a deep-plunging neckline.   

“JWOWW's pick was a pink Slinky Halter Top from Electric Lingerie's range of clubwear styles,” the company said. “The top is made from shiny, ultra stretch material, features two metal rings and ties behind the neck. The deep V plunge is enough to get a reaction from just about anyone — as seen on ‘Jersey Shore.’

“Captured by MTV's cameras, the expression on Roger's face when he opens the door to the Shore House is priceless as he's unable to lift his gaze from JWOWW's bust while the adventurous tanned couple prepares for their date.”

For more information, visit Electric-Lingerie.com.