Adultmoda Offers Mobile Tube Traffic, Redirects

Lyla Katz

LONDON — has announced that it is now offering mobile traffic from various mobile tube sites.  

The company said it can run ads on tube sites such as PornHub, YouPorn, and YouJizz and others. 

The company said it is also launching its second type of mobile redirect shortly. 

According to the company, one of the two redirect options is the ability to redirect mobile traffic to a free landing page with the webmaster’s branding. This page will offer ads and when someone clicks an ad, the webmaster gets paid. 

The second option is direct redirect. That means if someone accesses a webmaster’s website from a mobile device, that perso will be instantly redirected to one of AdultModa’s advertisers’ sites. The webmaster gets paid for every redirect, the company said. 

Adultmoda will also be attending the The European Summit this week in Barcelona.