Larry Flynt Offering $1 Million for Dirt on Government Officials

WASHINGTON — Hustler founder Larry Flynt is taking on Washington’s powerful once again.

The First Amendment crusader took a full page ad in Sunday’s Washington Post offering $1 million for information on any possible sex scandal involving U.S. senators, congresspersons or prominent government officials.

Readers were asked to call Hustler’s tip hotline or send the information to a dedicated email.

Hustler promised that all calls and correspondence would be kept "strictly confidential."

"Do you have information about infidelity, sexual impropriety or corruption concerning a current United States senator, congressperson or prominent government official?" the ad reads.

"Can you provide documented evidence of your claims? Larry Flynt and Hustler Magazine will pay you up to $1 million if we choose to used your material and publish your verified story," the ad coninued.

Sources that could substantiate their story would be paid the cash.

Last September Flynt offered $1 million for dirt on then Presidential candidate Texas governor Rick Perry.