Helix Studios Welcomes the Ross Twins

SAN DIEGO  Helix Studios has welcomed the Ross Twins to its growing cast of new exclusive young male erotica talent.

Three months ago Helix Studios introduced fans to the 18-year-old blond Kyle Ross. In just three months and 12 scenes, the company said Ross has proven his worth and talents in the gay porn arena with an average Helix Studios member scene rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

Helix Studios has also announced that Ross has a straight identical twin brother, Kris Ross, who is just as eager to please the cameras and fans just as his brother has.

“A week after we signed Kyle Ross to our exclusive model cast he dropped the bomb that he had a straight identical twin brother,” project manager Lukas Volk said. “It wasn’t long before we asked the inevitable   when can we bring him out to film?”

On Feb. 29, members of HelixStudios.com will get a first glance at Kris Ross as his gay identical twin brother Kyle interviews him in a POV style scene.

Kyle probes his brother Kris with questions like has he ever done anything with another guy before?

“This is definitely a new forbidden journey Helix Studios hasn’t ventured into yet, but we are excited to see where it will go,” Volk said.

“We hope our fans will enjoy these two young twins as much as we have filming them.”

Helix Studios fans will also be able to read up on the Helix Studios exclusive twink twin duo in the March issue of Cybersocket magazine, where Kyle Ross talks about his future career moves.