Alana Evans Sings Vocals on New Lords of Acid Single

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Alana Evans is making her professional singing debut on the forthcoming single from Lords of Acid called “Pop That Tooshie.”

The song, which will be released in Europe on March 16 and in the U.S. in April, is the lead single from “Deep Chills,” the first album from Lords of Acid in almost 12 years. Evans delivers what Lords of Acid calls “a playfully sexy vocal turn” on the song that was written by band leader Praga Khan and produced by Chris Vrenna, the former drummer for Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson.

Lords of Acid, which debuted in 1988, is an internationally known Belgian techno band that has built a cult following with hits such as “I Sit On Acid,” “Pussy,” “Little Mighty Rabbit” and several more sexually charged dance tracks.  

Bass player Murv3 told XBIZ Monday, “Lords of Acid has always kind of dealt with sex and drugs, S&M, the whole lifestyle. And it’s kind of a funny thing, what we found through the Internet was that a lot of adult starlets have been influenced by Lords or Acid over the years.”

Many adult performers, including Evans, have danced to Lords of Acid music in strip-clubs.

“And Lords of Acid has been inspired by porn stars,” Murv3 continued. “So Praga wanted to marry the two a little bit closer and give a tribute to the adult film industry by having an adult starlet involved in the band.”

Lords of Acid’s first two albums — Lust (1991) and Voodoo-U (’94) — both sold more than 500,000 albums in the U.S. And last year the Christopher Lawrence remix of Lords of Acid’s “Little Mighty Rabbit” ascended to No. 1 on the U.S. Trance charts. Evans told XBIZ she has been a huge fan and actually connected with the band through Twitter about six months ago.

“I can’t believe it’s really happening,” Evans said. “We recorded the song quite some time ago. Singing has always been kind of a really private talent that I appreciate and respect, and I keep to myself. … So being able to work with them and work with Praga has been one of the most incredible experiences I’ve ever had. I’m hoping for a future as far as singing goes, so I know this isn’t the last stop on this crazy train.”   

Evans recorded for the first time in her life at Vrenna’s studio in L.A.

“I’m also a big Nine Inch Nails fan and then Marilyn Manson, so recording with Chris was intimidating, but so incredible,” she continued. “He told me I should be doing this for a living. Coming from an adult background it’s difficult to put yourself out there in another light — whether it’s music or in the video game world. … I’m just stoked.”

Deep Chills on April 10 will be released by dPulse/Sony Music in Germany; by SonicAngel in Belgium; and by the industrial label Metropolis Records in North America.

What’s also notable is that Deep Chills features the music debut of well-known TV personality Zak Bagans, the executive producer and lead investigator of “Ghost Adventures” on the Travel Channel. Bagans sings vocals on a single called “Paranormal Energy.”

“We both recorded our songs on the same day,” Evans said, adding that she briefly met Bagans in the studio. “He was very nice when we talked.”

Evans in September launched an interactive gaming site called, which quickly garnered national media coverage and is now powered by Pink Visual. Next month she will mark her 14th year in adult entertainment. She said it’s actually harder for her to feel comfortable singing than it is to perform in adult movies, “because singing is like letting people into your soul and letting people into a side that can be very private.”

“So this is kind of a new feat for me. I love it,” Evans said.  

This week Shinefish Entertainment will be shooting a music video for “Pop That Tooshie” under the direction of Bob Sherman. Evans and Shinefish CEO Anjanette Astoria will be in the video.

Murv3 said Lords of Acid believes Evans has “a beautiful voice” and a future in music if she wants one.

“We think very highly of her," he said. "She's incredibly talented."