‘Rubber Bordello’ Premieres With Party, Mainstream Coverage

Ariana Rodriguez

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Cast and crew from "Rubber Bordello" joined an exclusive list of friends, celebrities, adult and fetish insiders, and select journalists for a screening and party at the Dungeon Corp. Studios.

The event featured a re-created set from the movie that allowed attendees to step into the “Rubber Bordello” themselves. Additionally, the event included fetish play and performances by some of the movie’s stars and other guests.

According to a press release, “scantily clad slave girls served light refreshments including champagne and sweets. A nude slave girl was bound spread eagle on the hors d'oevre table. Sir Nik skillfully presented the "Green Fairy" serving Absinthe in the traditional style of the prohibition era. A notable LA male Domme bound a beautiful young lady by her hair and dropped her into a clear dunk tank filled with water.”

Set in an early 1900s New Orleans whorehouse, "Rubber Bordello" blends the classic look of a campy, sepia-toned Hollywood silent film with modern fetish play. The movie features an original ragtime soundtrack from Fat Mike of NOFX fame.

Written and directed by Soma Snakeoil "Rubber Bordello" stars Nikki Nefarious, Sparky Sinclaire, Rubber Necro, Deviant Kade, Master Feenix and Soma herself.

"Rubber Bordello" was recently featured in Rolling Stone and Inked Magazine both covering the movie in feature stories and the premiere. Rolling Stone's Charley Rogulewski said of the soundtrack, "'Rubber Bordello’s' vaudeville soundtrack recalls an era when handlebar mustaches ruled supreme and the local watering hole was the nearby brothel."

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Inked Magazine also wrote up the event. To read the complete Inked article, click here.

"The evening was full of every kind of decadent, erotic pleasure that a turn of the 20th century Bordello should offer,” Soma Snakeoil said. "A great big thank you to all those who made the night full of filthy, rubbery fun."