Survey Questions Adult Viewing Habits

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — A new web survey by delved into the amount of time Americans admit spending viewing adult materials.

The survey was conducted by an independent third party company that canvassed more than 1,000 American adults age 18 and up to study sexual preferences and practices.

Adam & Eve said that while a significant number (33 percent) of American adults say they “never” view adult content and 20 percent say they only partake once or twice a year or less, 22 percent say they view it once or twice a month and 16 percent admit they enjoy it once or twice a week.

In addition, 6 percent of Americans polled said they view adult materials daily, 2 percent said they utilize it more than once a day, and 2 percent refused to answer.

When the same question was asked to Adam & Eve’s Facebook followers, 53 percent said they viewed adult content every day. Thirty-two percent said they enjoy viewing the material once or twice a week, 5 percent chose more than once a day, 3 percent said they utilize it once or twice a month, and 3 percent said once or twice a year.

Adam & Eve said 4 percent of its Facebook followers said they never view explicit materials.

“We're all visual creatures and utilizing erotic movies can be a great way to explore our sexualities individually and as couples,” said Dr. Kat Van Kirk, Adam & Eve’s resident sex expert. “It can be a fantastic way to break the monotony in a relationship and even learn a few new tricks. Plus there are many full length DVD movies that have stellar production values, plot lines and acting, which can have a wider appeal to a female audience.”

Adam & Eve director of marketing Chad Davis agreed.

“Adam & Eve sells millions of adult DVDs each year, as well as adult toys and novelties. Someone is definitely enjoying the materials we provide, even with the amount of free content available online,” Davis said.