ICM Announces Launch of Pre-Paid Performer Program

PALM BEACH GARDENS, Fla. — ICM Registry, the company behind the new .XXX top-level domain, on Tuesday announced the details of the Adult Performer Program, which releases more than 3,500 .XXX domain names that were initially held in reserve to protect the individual name interests of performers and personalities within the adult entertainment industry.

“We recognized early on that a significant portion of the core success of the adult industry lies with its performers,” said Vaughn Liley, sales director for ICM Registry. “We also became aware that performers do not often have registered trademarks, nor do they retain legal representation to protect their trade name."

Liley continued, "The Adult Performers Program was born from the desire to make a conscious effort to protect these individuals who are truly at the core of the adult entertainment community. We offered a similar and unprecedented protection for existing adult domain owners as a part of our Sunrise A program in September and October of last year.

"We feel that these programs, along with our Rapid Evaluation Service (RES) dispute resolution policies, are a positive step toward protecting against infringement as well as a deterrent to would be cybersquatters. The Adult Performer Program verification process is now available to 3500-plus performers and personalities whose names have been reserved in anticipation of this program."

Liley said these names will be released "only to performers and personalities who express their interest at http://www.about.xxx/performers and complete a simple identity verification process and affidavit."

Performers and personalities with more questions about the program can contact performers@icmregistry.com.

ICM said that In conjunction with Name.com, these names are already pre-paid for the first 12 months (until Feb. 3, 2013) "and performers can either maintain the domains at Name.com or, if they prefer, transfer them to the registrar of their choice in the usual way. “

"At Name.com, we love creative ideas that benefit everybody involved," said Jared Ewy, Name.com’s community evangelist. “ICM Registry's Adult Performer Program is a brilliant way to promote .XXX within the industry, while increasing web traffic and protecting adult performers. As a domain registrar, we'll support these domains with our world class customer support, security and 24/7 monitoring, so industry talent can rest easy that more traffic won't mean more problems — just more business with .XXX and Name.com.”

ICM Registry said it had the opportunity to verify Teagan Presley, the award-winning Adam & Eve contract star, during a recent live appearance where she became the first performer to be verified through the program and will be awarded the rights to www.teaganpresley.xxx.

“With the launch of the .XXX domain names, I was concerned that a squatter would grab www.teaganpresley.xxx and try to extort me," Presley said. “Luckily the guys at ICM were smart and held on to the talent URLs; they allowed me to get it with no mess. Thank you, ICM!”