Wasteland’s Colin Rowntree, Evil Angel’s Christian Mann to Give Keynote at AEVC

CYBERSPACE — Wasteland founder Colin Rowntree will interview Evil Angel Video General Manager Christian Mann as the keynote address for the first annual Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention (AEVC).

"When Utherverse asked me for suggestions as to who would be a great keynote speaker for this event, the first person that came to mind is Christian Mann from Evil Angel,” says Rowntree. “Mann has been in the biz for three decades and has a vast knowledge-base of what works in the adult industry. He's also a charming, witty and very entertaining speaker, so I will be delighted to spend an hour with him ‘picking his brain’ for ideas and solutions that will help show-attendees flourish and prosper in the coming year."

The keynote is entitled "Surviving Porn's Evolution. A Darwinian Perspective" and will take place on Feb.25 at noon, PST.

“I’m honored to have been asked to deliver a keynote speech,” says Mann. “After 32 years in the adult industry, I have no shortage of opinions, nor am I shy about voicing them. Even so, a monologue from me can be monotonous; so instead Colin Rowntree and I will have a dialog. Since this is the first ever 3D Virtual Adult Convention, it seemed fitting that our topic should focus on the evolutionary changes in the business that led us to this point. When the human sex drive met commerce, porn was born. If Charles Darwin studied our industry, the questions he might ask are ‘How did porn and the business of porn evolve? Which species survived, which new species emerged… and why?’ Colin and I are a couple of dinosaurs, but we’re still here, so we may have some answers… or at least some new questions. If nothing else, I promise we’ll keep it fun and irreverent.”

The first annual Adult Entertainment Virtual Convention (AEVC) brings fans, exhibitors, high-profile guest speakers and adult stars together, and will take place Feb. 24-26 at a virtual “convention center” via computer using Utherverse software. AEVC is free by signing up for a free Utherverse account, downloading the software, creating an avatar, and getting on the show floor to start networking.

Sponsors for AEVC includes exclusive media partner XBIZ, CamContacts, , Girlfriends Films, Wasteland.com and more.

 For more information, visit AdultVirtualConvention.com.