Profiles Jamye Waxman’s Career in Sex Education

NEW YORK — Sex educator, author and recent XBIZ Retail special guest interviewer Jamye Waxman is profiled in the Forbes Woman section of in an article published yesterday.  

In the article “The Business Of Continuing Sex Ed for Grownups: A Conversation With Jamye Waxman,” Forbes contributor Frieda Klotz covers how Waxman “got started, how she keeps going, and of course, her work: how she educates women (and men) about sex.”

According to the article, Waxman’s most recent accomplishments include the launch of — a website dedicated to “celebrating the female orgasm” through education, retail and social networking — and this month’s release of her latest book “Hot Sex: Over 200 Things You Can Try Tonight.”

Waxman’s career in sex education began in the late 1990s following a stint as a radio producer that led to an opportunity to do a late night show about relationships and sexuality.

 “At that moment I realized that while I loved radio, I had always tried to justify my existence — comedy makes people laugh, politics keeps people informed — but I had this other driving force which was that I could help people feel good about their life. I could help them feel better about their sexuality and pleasure. And I don’t have problems about being that voice,” Waxman told

According to Waxman, her passion blossomed into an unexpected, dynamic career which, these days, consists of teaching and writing. Her expertise is based on a variety of sources, ranging from personal experience to books, networking and the Internet, she said.

Waxman’s unique perspective enables her success as a sex education entrepreneur.  

“Sex is the oldest profession in the world and it’ll be around long after I’m gone,” Waxman said. “There are no new ideas around sex. I think that it’s more about what’s your voice and how you’re going to say it.”