Meredith Christopher Leaves Adam & Eve

Dan Miller

HILLSBOROUGH, N.C. — Meredith Christopher told XBIZ Thursday she has resigned from her position of executive producer at Adam & Eve Pictures.

Christopher said she is now working on some new endeavors that are outside of the adult industry. She had been Adam & Eve’s executive producer for the past seven years after starting out in October 2001 as a merchandiser for the mail-order side of PHE, Inc., parent company of Adam & Eve.

“Some new opportunities fell in my lap,” Christopher said. “I’m surprised I stayed at the company for 10 years just because I’ve always been someone that likes new challenges. I had a blast and I did my thing. It was just time to do some new things with my career.”

During Christopher’s tenure she oversaw the production of hundreds of movies, including 26 new releases in 2011 alone. She pointed to epic features such as “The 8th Day” in 2009 and the interactive “Killer Bodies” in 2011 as career highlights.

“We wish her the best,” said Adam & Eve director of public relations Katy Zvolerin. “She was responsible for spearheading several projects that won us a lot of awards.”

Bob Christian, general manager of Adam & Eve Pictures, told XBIZ, “We’ll miss her. She contributed a lot. ... She did a great job with the catalog and she was always really interested in the movies so she evolved into producing the movies and became very active on the production side.”

Christian continued, “She was doing that for seven years. She was there during the ‘Pirates’ deal [with Digital Playground] and that era [in 2005]. And I think a culmination, something that was really special, was when we won [XBIZ Feature Movie of the Year] for 'The 8th Day' [in 2010.] It’s always nice to win awards. Plenty of other people could win them and when you do, it’s great, so that one was most meaningful for all of us. It was very special because it wasn’t a co-production with anyone else. It was all us."

Christian said he had no immediate plans to hire someone to replace Christopher.

“I’m not seeking a replacement right now,” he explained. “One of the things we had done was one year ago we restructured how we make our movies. We created a multi-department team with representatives from all of our direct response groups, and she headed up that team.

“... So we’ve got a good team and there are folks here who want to do more. So right now different people will step up in different ways and we’ll see who wants to do more and we'll see how that goes as far as filling that position.”

The New York native Christopher said she plans to remain in North Carolina while she starts her next venture, adding, “I've offered my services if they need any help. I love the company and I’ll always be there for them. It was just time for me to start my new adventure.”