Nasstoys Introduces New Creams, Sprays

NEW YORK — Nasstoys has added Stallion Delay Cream and Super Stud Male Gential Desensitizer Spray to its collection of topical dressings, each catering to a specific intimate need.

The manufacturer also recently repackaged Anal-Ese in Cherry flavor and is introducing a new Strawberry flavor Anal-Ese as well. Distributors Williams Trading Company and Eldorado will show the new creams and sprays at the International Lingerie Show in March.

“These creams and sprays are proven sellers,” says Kathryn Hartman, sales manager of Nasstoys. “They help keep things interesting in the bedroom, prolonging the length of time a couple can enjoy different avenues of sex with one another. ILS Show attendees can see our top selling repackaged creams and sprays along with the new Stallion and Super Stud products at distributor booths.”

Stallion Delay Cream comes in .5 and 1.5 oz tubes. Super Stud Male Gential Desensitizer Spray comes in a 7/16 oz spray can. Original Anal-Ese Cherry and new Strawberry flavor come in .5 and 1.5 oz tubes.

“Guys who suffer from premature ejaculation might be too embarrassed to tell you, but it affects all aspects of their lives,” Hartman said. “Have these in a place that is easy to see for customers who are too afraid to ask for them. For those that are comfortable, do some research and have some tips ready that they can try at home with the creams and sprays.”

For more information or to place an order for Stallion Delay Cream, Super Stud Male Gential Desensitizer Spray or the repackaged Cherry Anal-ese or New Strawberry Anal-Ese, contact a local distributor, or email