Webmaster Central Offers Free Content Demo

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — WebmasterCentral.com is offering adult website operators a free 30-day demo of its leased transsexual video content.

The company said that transsexual content is one of the best selling niches in adult and many webmasters find it difficult to find high quality transsexual videos that will convert.

“We are proud to have the largest transsexual sites in the world as loyal clients of Webmaster Central’s leased content system,” said Joel Kapchuk, vice president of operations for Webmaster Central. 

“Some of our clients have been with us for years and made millions off our content.  Our staff knows the kind of content that transsexual fans are looking for, and we update throughout the week with the most popular transsexual content available.”

The transsexual content library at Webmaster Central is stocked with videos acquired from various transsexual filmmakers. All videos are high quality HD, taken directly from the camera source, the company said.  Webmaster Central converts all videos into a variety of formats, so users are able to choose their formats.

“Our leased content is 100 percent smartphone and tablet ready,” Kapchuk said.  “When your users connect to your leased Webmaster Central content with tablets or smartphones, they’re shown videos and pages that are specifically designed for their device.”

Webmaster Central content can also be white labeled to match an existing site’s look and feel. Clients can use CSS or an XML gateway to gain complete control over the display of their leased content, the company said.

“We help you spend less time and money on technical grunt work so you can focus on marketing your brand and driving traffic to your sites,” Kapchuck added.

A no-obligation demo of the transsexual library — and all of Webmaster Central’s niched gay, straight and transsexual content — is available upon request.

Email Joel at sales@webmastercentral.com.