TrafficForce Launches Pop-under Ads

LOS ANGELES — has launched pop-under advertisements.

The company said the move is intended to gratify the growing interest from buyers. 

“Advertisers have been asking us for pop-unders,” said Ross of Traffic Force. “We have tested them diligently to make sure the system works without a hitch and now we are more than ready to offer them to our loyal clients.”

The company said an average of 1.2 million pop-unders will be available to Traffic Force clients daily. Advertisers will be able to geo-target as well as time-target their pop-unders, which will be frequency capped so that visitors are greeted with the ad only the first time they visit a site within a 24-hour period.

"Traffic Force boasts some of the best connections in the industry, displaying ads on the top adult websites, ensuring advertisers the best bang for their buck," the company said. " webmasters will also benefit from the release of pop-under ads allowing them to improve revenues from their tube sites."

Traffic Force partnered with HostedTube last week to sell their traffic to advertisers, broadening the marketing options for advertisers.

In order to purchase pop-under ads, advertisers must sign up for a Traffic Force membership.