John Stagliano Reveals New Vampire Web Series

Bob Johnson

VAN NUYS, Calif. — If there’s such a thing as porn genius, that inherent ability to understand what motivates lust and how to translate that desire into a mode of communication, then John Stagliano possesses it in spades.

The creator of Buttman and founder of the Evil Angel empire, has over the years been able to trump most pornographers by delivering edgy, sometimes uber-fetishy hardcore with a master’s artful touch that at the same time titillates and pushes the limits of sexual exploration.

And he’s doing it again.

This time, Stagliano’s canvas is the Internet, and it will showcase his new specially created webisode, “Voracious,” a vampire-centric porn series set to debut on on Feb. 14.

XBIZ sat down with Stagliano and asked him about his exciting new project in this exclusive interview.

XBIZ: What was the impetus behind the webisode distribution for “Voracious”?

JS: It was sheer desperation at the fact that I could never sell enough DVDs to justify what I spent on this movie.

XBIZ: What was the budget?

JS: I had the luxury of not needing to figure the budget out in advance. Something well under hundred grand for sure.

XBIZ: Why a webisode and not a traditional film?

JS: Same old problem, I shoot too fucking much. I don’t know how to be brief with my ideas. I have not figured out how to create good drama, and sexual tension in a feature, and explore intense sexuality, and do a conventional length movie. In fact, the idea of editing to create separate episodes allows me greater freedom with time. You know, I just realized that I feel guilty about how long my movies are, that fact represents a major flaw in me, or not.

XBIZ: How many total installments?

JS: I have seven webisodes shot. At least that is how it sketches out right now. But scenes sometimes change in importance once you edit them. So, it could be six or eight.

XBIZ: Is it the first of its kind in porn?

JS: I don’t think this is different than the type of filmmaking like what I did in the “Fashionistas” movies. But because I can’t make as much money from a movie now, it is impossible for me to spend money on a feature like I did then. But I have always enjoyed making movies on low budget. It is the quality of your ideas that makes the difference in a movie, not the amount of money you spend. Also, I think I have grown as a filmmaker since my “Fashionistas Safado.”

XBIZ: How does it different from a typical porn movie?

JS: It’s more a feature film just like “Fashionistas Safado.”

XBIZ: So it is in the vain of “Fashionistas,” i.e. high-end fetish?

JS: It is high-end erotica. Using whatever tools we can to create it.

XBIZ: Is it the first in a series of titles?

JS: The hope is that “Voracious” will be a long running series on These first scenes do make up one story, but Lea Lexis and Brooklyn Lee will not leave me alone with sequel ideas.

XBIZ: Will it be released as a full DVD after its completion?

JS: September is when the multi-disc set, just like “Safado,” will be released. We may also include Blu-ray.

XBIZ: Is there a sequel, next similar project in the works?

JS: If this webisode is successful, “Voracious 2” is on the horizon.

So, when the DVD comes out in September, it will be called “Voracious,” and then more episodes will probably be put together for “Voracious 2.” I am not actually sure how that will work after the first one comes out. I hope webisodes will be more important then.

XBIZ: Is it anal-centric per Buttman?

JS: For sure there is lots of ass play, but this is not at all like a Buttman movie in terms of style.

XBIZ: Describe a particularly explicit, groundbreaking scene.

JS: I prefer to let the scenes surprise you. I will not be describing scenes in advance of their release.

XBIZ: How is it set apart from typical porn/vampire films?

JS: I hope the vampire lore ideas that we used in this movie works to create good erotica. The incredible thing about vampire movies is that you can make up many of the rules about what they can and can’t do. These rules are fun to fantasize about, but the important thing for me is that we create emotionally believable scene.

XBIZ: Why will viewers want to see new episodes?

JS: I am hoping that it’s because they are emotionally drawn to it.

XBIZ: Where was it shot?

JS: In Rocco Siffredi land which is in Budapest, Hungary.

XBIZ: How long did it take to complete?

JS: We are still not done, I have some pick-up shots to do next week for the second episode, and it is not out of the question that I won’t re-shoot, or add something to one of the episodes as we go along, but seven episodes are 99 percent finished.

XBIZ: Why Brooklyn Lee as the star?

JS: I saw Brooklyn in Mike Adriano’s “Cock Sucking Sluts” movie.  That scene just won an AVN award.  Also, I saw her do a face sitting scene for “Mean Bitches.” Then I shot her in one of my “Stretch Class” scenes. There, I got to know her, and auditioned her for the lead.

XBIZ: Any new talent?

JS: I also hired Lea Lexis for “Stretch Class,” and auditioned her. She is from Romania, and was five times national Gymnastics champion. I picked Brooklyn for the lead. Lea was not happy, but I managed to turn her competitive drive into a very interesting second lead. I look forward to showing off more of her athletic skill, and deep fetish instincts in future episodes.

This movie came together when I got Brooklyn and Lea together to think about how we could do this. They wrote the scenes with me. Lea was my co producer in Budapest.

XBIZ: What about male talent?

JS: I owe Rocco Siffredi big thanks for letting me shoot at “Rocco Land,” the most incredible porn place on earth.  He is not the main male star of this movie, and Manuel Ferrara does a wonderful job in the lead, but Rocco was amazing in a supporting role. Also the man who inspired it all, and who plays the lead vampire Dracu — Omar Gallante — is almost superhuman in his performance.

XBIZ: What's the price to download?

JS: This will be offered as “streaming only” as we want to offer it in exclusively on as a web series, featuring one webisode per month. In the future, we would like to offer it as a premium download.