Entrenue Brings Lovehoney’s Rock Box to U.S. Market

PHOENIX — Specialty distributor Entrenue is now carrying Lovehoney’s Rock Box, a handheld vibrator with a 5,000 RPM motor.

The company said is more powerful than the classic Hitachi wand massager. Billed as an “orgasm machine,” the company said the Rock Box offers a deep resonating vibration, and Entrenue is the distributor.

“The Rock Box is incredibly powerful, certainly the next level up from the Hitachi wand, and offers the deepest vibration possible from a sex toy,” said Lisa Mazurek, Entrenue brand and marketing director.

"Women’s eyes grew wide when they saw and felt the stimulation at the ANME Founders show — the Rock Box’s design essentially pushes the vibration deep into the body and almost shakes your core. It was one of the most exciting things I saw during my latest trade show travels.”

The Rock Box features two silicone attachments made to transfer strong stimulation in two unique ways:

• The Hot Chick is a pink tongue-like attachment that quivers and quakes as the vibration speed increases,

• The Master Blaster is a grey ridged attachment that lies flat and provides direct contact to the sensitive areas of the male body, including the perineum, shaft and corona.

The Rock Box motor operates by using a dial that scrolls among six different speeds and is powered by a 20-foot electrical cord. The company said this extension allows the user more freedom to move from room to room, and gives it the power it needs to provide men and women with intense orgasms.

“Lovehoney is an incredibly creative and mindful sex toy designer, and they truly outdid themselves with the Rock Box,” Mazurek said. “It’s a serious device but with playful elements that make it fun for even newbie sex toy buyers. Of course, we recommend first-time users keep a pillow or clothing between the Rock Box and their sensitive areas as they test out which vibration levels work best for their bodies.”

 For ordering or product information, visit Entrenue.com.