Practice Safe Policy Launches Romney Condoms

Ariana Rodriguez

NEW YORK — Designed to bring awareness to the issues of the current campaign season and “to keep unemployment low by preventing unplanned additions to the work force,” Practice Safe Policy has launched special edition Mitt Romney Condoms inspired by the Republican presidential candidate.

Featuring a jovial Romney and the slogan “Never Settle,” Romney Condoms join Practice Safe Policy’s “full line of bipartisan prophylactics,” including Palin Condoms that read “As Thin As Her Resume,” Obama Condoms that read “Hope Is Not A Form of Protection,” and “The Ultimate Stimulus Package.”

“Despite Mitt’s inability to stick to a position, Romney Condoms are great for any position,” company founder Benjamin Sherman said. “We want to remind voters, both young and old, that when it comes to electing your public officials, or picking your mate, you should ‘never settle.’”

The limited edition Romney Condoms are available exclusively online at