TrafficForce Partners With HostedTube to Sell Traffic

LOS ANGELES — Web advertising company is partnering with HostedTube to sell traffic from webmasters‘ tube sites to premium advertisers.

The move will allow TrafficForce to find ad buyers, check stats and ensure ads are converting well.

“It's very exciting for us to be able to offer this to the current and future users of HostedTube,“ said Phil B of HostedTube.

"The system from inception has been incredibly successful at achieving its primary goal of increasing traffic to a URL with little work required on the part of the webmaster. Now, as traffic increases, webmasters want to turn that traffic into profit."

"We know that paysites are not necessarily the most effective way to monetize tube traffic, this integration solves that problem. Through TrafficForce, each and every tube you create will be exposed to the collective buying power of hundreds of active advertisers all over the world who are experts at finding the right product to sell to your users.”

TrafficForce will sell ad spaces while PIMPROLL will provide high-quality content and HostedTube will provide the hosting.

The company said that with tools like geo-targeting, TrafficForce ensures to gain revenue for HostedTube member’s traffic.

"With more than 500 advertisers on board, TrafficForce can generate competition for the tube traffic, which can mean big dollars for webmasters,“ the company said.

"With their bidding system for ad buyers, the more competition means higher bids for traffic.“

Traffic orce imports all data into HostedTube member’s existing PIMPROLL accounts and all revenue will be bundled with other PIMPROLL payouts.