PD Management Signs Heart and Attitude Luxury Arousal Products

Lyla Katz

MIAMI — PD Management has announced the signing of Heart and Attitude, a line of arousal gels for men and women.

The line includes Extra Bold for him and Champagne Intensity for her.

Under the new deal, PD Management will oversee the integration of the products into mainstream and adult etailers and retailers, including sales through Exile Distribution, marketing, publicity and branding.

“PD Management has an established network in place, which synergistically produces profits and creates brand recognition world wide,“ H and A spokesperson Sasha Heart said. "Carlos Cavero and his team were the obvious partner for us, and we look forward to a long and successful business relationship.”

PD Management is a new branch of Pleasure Dynasty. It provides investors with the tools they need to start their own adult entertainment business.

The company teaches how to create a business plan, structure a corporate budget, produce original content, organize distribution of finished products, utilize future technologies and distribution platforms and market products to capitalize on demand.

“Pleasure Dynasty is moving forward with the signing of Heart and Attitude,” PD Management owner Carlos Cavero said.

“PD stands for quality, and PD Management helps distribute our brand value and strategic expertise across a wider field of products, while opening new levels for growth potential in the years to come. We applaud and support the entrepreneurial spirit of innovative companies like Heart and Attitude. Their unique concept of luxury branding and packaging with amazing arousal products positions them as a new category leader. Together we will multiply our respective strengths and serve the needs and desires of the market.”

PD Management also shares its extensive network of service providers and assists with legal advice.

Heart and Attitude’s Extra Bold is an easy-to-apply lubricating gel, which maximized performance and delivers enhanced and pleasurable cooling sensations, according the company.

To create the ultimate couples experience, the company said Extra Bold should be partnered with Champagne Intensity for her, another easy-to-apply lubricating gel.

Champagne Intensity works by increasing a woman’s sense of intimate touch and providing longer sexual satisfaction.

Naturally formulated, Champagne Intensity delivers enhanced sensitivity, allowing them to feel more, reach orgasm and maximize the lovemaking experience, H and A said.

For more information or to purchase Heart and Attitude, visit HeartAndAttitude.com.

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