Falcon Streets 'Point & Shoot' Today

SAN FRANCISCO — Falcon Studios releases “Point & Shoot” today.

Directed by Tony Dimarco, the release focuses on a group of guys who descend on San Francisco with cameras in hand, snapping photos and capturing their sexual adventures.

Dimarco then turns his lens on Falcon exclusive, Landon Conrad, and Dean Monroe watching the videos their friends have captured as they engage in the final scene.

"I'm sure we've all fantasized about being a fly on the wall when one of our hot friends was having a sexual encounter," Dimarco said.

"I took this idea and expanded on it with 'Point & Shoot,' and the models really got into it and made it even more charged with their intense sexual energy."

Joining Conrad and Monroe in “Point & Shoot” are exclusives Cameron Foster and Alexander Garrett, as well as Marc Dylan, Trevor Knight, Dylan Roberts and Jimmy Durano.

"Tony Dimarco always brings the most interesting ideas to his movies, and then he films great sex to bring the ideas to life," said Chris Ward, Falcon/Raging Stallion president.

“He has a style that really taps into desires and their fulfillment, which will get anyone turned on."

“Point & Shoot” is available in retail stores and online at the Falcon Studios store here.