'Three Stooges' Parody Set for Production

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Production work is underway for the “Three Stooges XXX,” All Media Play announced today.

Director Will Ryder, who will helm the comedy spoof said, “This movie will be funny and sexy as hell. Yes I said sexy.   

“This is a dream project because along with so many millions of men and some women worldwide I have loved them since I was a kid.”

Details of the movie are being kept under wraps until the first photos and trailer are released, but those close to the project have said that Ryder has been planning this project for two years.

He promises to deliver a hardcore porn feature movie "filled with laughs" that die-hard fans of the Three Stooges will really appreciate.

“You don’t want to mess too much with something as wonderfully iconic as Larry, Moe and Curly, but just imagine these zany guys plus an appearance by Shemp heavily involved with hot naked girls and you have a recipe for something wonderful and so far the script, cast and production details are fantastic,” Ryder said.

Ryder recently took home the 2012 XBIZ Best Parody-Comedy Award for “Beverly Hillbillies a XXX Parody.”

The director said the new project is guaranteed to be highly anticipated by fans worldwide.  

Photos from the set and the first movie trailer will be released in a few weeks.    

Ryder noted that the Farrelly Brothers' mainstream movie about the Three Stooges will hit theaters in April, and he was “shocked” to learn they were copying his idea.

“Those funny bastards,” he quipped.