EroAdvertising to Introduce Mobile Redirects With a 75% Revenue Share

OSS, Netherlands — The global adult ad network EroAdvertising announced it is launching Mobile Redirect, a solution enabling publishers to target the mobile traffic they receive to their websites and monetize it in multiple ways.

The company said all that is required from the publisher is to implement a code to their website in order to turn on the detection of their site’s mobile visitors and to set the options regarding redirecting mobile traffic in order to optimize their returns.

“Mobile traffic is constantly gaining on importance, we are most glad to introduce a turnkey solution that is easy to set up and administer and that will help our publishers to better monetize it,” said Jan Huibers, CEO of EroAdvertising.

The company added mobile traffic can be redirected to its direct buyer, to an alternative URL set in the admin, or redirected to a mobile portal provided by EroAdvertising and customized in the publisher site’s style with a look and a logo.

Alternative URL for redirection of mobile traffic can be specified either as global or set up separately on a per country basis.

According to the company, Mobile portals, a turnkey solution provided from the ad network itself, instantly serve adverts connected with a publisher’s account and can be customized for each site with custom color and logo.

“Further to that, more future options, such as cooperation with partner companies specializing in monetizing mobile traffic are currently negotiated, including the possibility to redirect country specific traffic to a respective product, where the publisher gets a full commission from the product owner,” the company said.

The company said the Mobile Redirect function can be switched on and set to either target or ignore specific countries.

To encourage the use of the new Mobile Redirect solution, EroAdvertising is offering a 75 percent revenue share for all publishers who start sending their mobile traffic during the months of January and February.