Nasstoys Wisper Collection Gets High Marks

NEW YORK – Nasstoys says its Wisper Collection, a 28-piece ensemble of bullets, massagers and ben-wa balls, was a “quiet champion of 2011.”

“Our Wisper Collection helped us solidify another phenomenal year here at Nasstoys,” says Kathryn Hartman, sales manager of Nasstoys. “With the Wisper’s elegant packaging and alluring styles we are elated that retailers and consumers alike have fallen for something we’re so proud to call our own.”

According to the company, Wisper has consistently garnered rave reviews from adult product reviewers since its release with particular items being recognized with five-star reviews in industry trade publications and consumer-based websites both domestic and international.

Each product found in the Wisper Collection is made from phthalates free, ABS plastic with most being waterproof and multi-speed. The collection’s families of bullets come complete with LED light-up speed components and are available in lavender, onyx, pink, purple, white and metallic colors.

“From the medley of choice to the promise of its craft our Wisper Collection provides to consumers a line that we are positive will continue to be one of our strongest sellers going into 2012,” Hartman said. “At Nasstoys, the pleasure of creating world-class adult toys is something that we can never stop talking about.”