VIDEO: Buck Angel Says 'Don't Mess With My Cookies'

LOS ANGELES — Transgender adult star Buck Angel has posted a YouTube video asking fans to forgo a boycott of Girl Scout cookies called for by a young girl whose anti-Girl Scouts video has gone viral.

In that video the girl asked people to boycott the Girl Scouts and the organization’s annual cookie sale after the group allowed a 7-year-old transgender girl to join a troop in Colorado.

Angel, a former Girl Scout, posted the video on a blog item titled, "Don't Mess With My Cookies."

"They had a 14-year-old make some scary video saying how trans girls should not be allowed in the girl scouts," Angel said. "So that kind of pissed me off, because I was a girl scout when I was a little 'girl.' I had not gone through the change until well into my 20s. But the scouts were awesome.

"I love being in my uniform. Even though it was a dress it was still a uniform. I even wore it to one of my class photo days."